Frequently Asked Questions

Are the shakes Dairy Free?

As far as dairy goes - anyone who is Lactose Intolerant can have any of the shakes. However due to where ingredients are processed if you have a severe dairy allergy we use a Allergen Free Vanilla Shake (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free).

Are these shakes/smoothies good for you on a daily basis?

In my own opinion it is the best way to start your day when most people are skipping their first meal or going through a drive-thru. One shake/day will provide hunger control and energy where two shakes along with a balanced meal and snacks will help with weight loss.

What is in a Mega Tea?

A Mega Tea contains the Metabolism Boosting Green Tea, Guarana which is known for aiding in Mental Focus, Aloe for healthy digestion and an energy blend containing caffeine, ginseng and vitamin B-best of all only 1g of Sugar!

I enjoy chewing my food - will a shake really fill me up?

We're confident it will as each shake contains 24g or plant-based protein- that's equivalent to 4 whole medium eggs. You should be satisfied 2-3 hours then we believe it's time to eat a small snack. If you still have the mental struggle about chewing - feel free to get a Protein Waffle on Fridays or Protein Donut on Saturdays and pair it with a Protein Iced Coffee.

Do I need to get the tea with my shake?

You don't need to do anything you don't want to but it's the same price with or without so our advice is take it with you - give it to a tired coworker and see how they appreciate you!

Why do we get 2 drinks?

The Shake & Tea concept is designed to give you nutrients through the shake and energy/soothing digestion through the tea. Most people who come in are looking to lose weight or tone up so that's where Shake & Tea work their magic. The shake is a nutrient-dense meal (when used 2x/day will support weight loss) and the tea is boosting your metabolism

What are all the Tea Boosters?

The Boosters are personalized based on your health goals. We have Probiotics and Fiber for proper digestion, Collagen for Skin Elasticity, and Immunity Boosters etc.

Are these shakes or smoothies?

I guess that's up to your interpretation. Most people think fruit when it comes to smoothies - which we offer 13 different options but they'll all contain protein as well (that's the important part). Some people think they are shakes because they are creamy, thick, and delicious.

Are the shakes Gluten Free?

Out of the 13 base flavors we offer - 11 that are Gluten Free so that means 90% of what's on the Menu is GF.

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